Welcome to Bohemia Goose

Goose & Duck Specialties
Czech Cuisine

Welcome to Bohemia Goose

Beer Tower
in Czech Republic

Welcome to Bohemia Goose

World Known Czech
Beer Quality Lager

Welcome to Bohemia Goose

Wine Cellar
With Worldwide
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Vodičkova 682/20
Prague 1
Opening Time<br/><br/>Sun - Wed 11:00 - 23:00</br> <br> Th - Sat 11:00 - 24:00
Opening Time

Sun - Wed 11:00 - 23:00

Th - Sat 11:00 - 24:00
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A brewery and restaurant specialising in goose dishes in the heart of Prague

Bohemia Goose is a unique concept that combines a brewery and a restaurant in one. The tradition of brewing beer in our house dates back to 1434, when brewing rights were granted to the brewer Vaňek Zpěvák. However, this tradition was subsequently abandoned for a long time and eventually forgotten.

The building acquired its present form in 1902, thanks to the famous Prague architect and builder František Buldra. The tradition of brewing beer was revived in 1993 with the founding of the Novoměstský brewery, which served this liquid gold until 2020.

In 2023, a new chapter began at Vodičkova 20. The premises underwent a complete reconstruction. We redesigned the interior and the brewery from scratch. We are using a new brewing kettle, fermentation chamber, and lager tanks for brewing beer made exclusively from Czech ingredients. We brew five types of beer for you from Žatec hops and Czech malt.

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Original Czech Specialties

As the name of the restaurant and brewery, Bohemia Goose, indicates, we don’t just brew good beer. You can also sample our carefully put together menu consisting of goose and duck dishes. Don’t wait for St. Martin’s Day; you can enjoy baked goose with dumplings and cabbage at Bohemia Goose every day.

Great Food Selection
Great Food Selection
Unique Brew of Beer
Unique Brew of Beer
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Great for Events
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Quality ingredients and the head brewer’s personality are what make the beer of the Bohemia Goose brewery. The head brewer’s experience and his work in the production process have a major effect on the final quality and flavour of the beer. Our head brewer Aleš Paik has years of experience from small but well-known breweries across the Czech Republic, both in the position of brewer and head brewer. But he isn’t just responsible for brewing beer; thanks to cooperation with the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, he receives information about the latest trends and innovations in the field of beer brewing and applies these to his job.

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We believe in our visions and especially the people who give their all in their work.

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Bohemia Goose is a completely new project of Gastro Group, which has been working on the Czech gastronomy scene since 1995. We are responsible for successful businesses such as La Bodeguita del Medio, La Casa Argentina, Asian Temple, Cafe 80’s, Gruzie Restaurant, Dutch Pub and many others. For several years, we were members of the international culinary organization Le Club des Chefs des Chefs, which brings together the chefs of heads of state and monarchs. We provided catering services for Prague Castle on the occasion of state visits by important political figures such as Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl, Raisa Gorbachev, François Mitterrand and others. At the Expo 2020 World Expo in Dubai, we became part of the Czech pavilion and ran the highly frequented Sky Bar and Bohemia restaurant. Gastro Group is also behind several successful projects abroad in Shanghai, Sydney, Skopje and Budapest.

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Bohemia Goose is in the very centre of Prague, but we decided to introduce the flavours, traditions and folklore of the whole Czech Republic. Do you want to taste world known spirit Rudoph Jelínek plum brandy, sample great Moravian wine from our cellar, or make a toast with good schnapps or the famous Becherovka from Karlovy Vary. Then come visit Bohemia Goose.