Welcome to a splendid New Year’s Eve celebration filled with authentic Czech culinary delights. For just €150 per person, immerse yourself in a gastronomic journey that honors the rich and hearty flavors of Czech cuisine. For a reservation, fill out the form below and we will get back to you with more information.

Please note that drinks are not included.

New Year’s Eve Buffet

Cold Buffet:

Duck liver pâté
Spread made from roasted goose and duck meat
Homemade cracklings from Přeštice hops pig
Cheese platter
Salami platter
Fried chicken and pork mini schnitzels
Our homemade ham headcheese
Mixed beef tartare
Mix of leaf salads
Fresh vegetable fries with dip
Beef roast beef with homemade tartar sauce
Various types of bread

Hot Buffet:

Duck leg with red cabbage
Roasted goose with white cabbage
Boneless knee from our Přeštice pig with horseradish and mustard
Duck goulash with Carlsbad dumpling
Roasted potatoes with shredded duck meat
Roasted meaty pork ribs in our beer with horseradish sauce
Grilled chicken with grenaille potatoes
Sour lentils with smoked meat
Various types of fresh bread

Sweet Buffet:

Apple strudel with raisins
Lime cheesecake
Chocolate fountain with fruit

150 EURO